The simplest way to apply for a Visa in Vietnam

Applying for a visa in Vietnam can be quite tricky. There are hundreds of websites out there that all claim to be the official application site. Whilst nothing could be less true. These acclaimed websites are often the middleman, from which you’ll surely get your visa, but you’re likely to pay double the actual price. Read on to discover how you can easily apply for the Vietnam visa yourself:

The new visa application process for Vietnam since 2018

The Vietnam visa requirements used to be a lot stricter; tourists that we’re planning to visit Vietnam needed to apply for a letter of approval online or even had to visit the Vietnamese embassy in their home country to arrange everything. Luckily, Vietnam recently implemented a new visa application process. Since early 2018, it has become significantly easier for inhabitants of no more than 46 countries to apply for a visa.  It can now quickly be done online, from basically anywhere that has an internet connection.

It is an official document, so make sure to print it and have it at hand at immagration.

How to apply for your Vietnam Visa

You can apply for the visa via the website of the Vietnam immigration department. The application form takes roughly ten minutes to complete. Keep a scan of your passport and a pass photo at hand.  Once completed, a download link, from which the visa can be retrieved, will be sent to your e-mail within three working days. After the visa has been approved, it is valid for 30 days. Starting from the day of entry you’ve requested. Make sure to leave Vietnam before or otherwise, fines will be applicable.

Price of a Vietnam Visa

An e-visa will cost you $25 (€22). 

In general, the responsibility for the application of the visa lies with the Vietnamese authorities, making sure all your personal information is filled in correctly, is, of course, your own.