7+ Things to do during your next trip to Sydney

With an abundance of diverse activities – surfing on brilliant beaches, going into the depths of the urban jungle or visiting world-renowned landmarks – it can be difficult to decide what to do first when arriving in Sydney. For a little head start, we’ve laid out the highlights, that cannot be missed on a visit to the biggest city of Australia:

1. Luna Park

Ride the Ferris Wheel, the Wild Mouse rollercoaster or just enjoy some people gazing at Sydney’s retro Luna Park. This colorful theme park originally opened in 1935 and has been open on and off since, with some of the attractions still in use this day. The general old-school vibe and its waterfront position are what makes Luna Park worth the visit even for those who are not planning on riding anything.

Entrance to the park is free, visitors solely have to pay for the rides they want to get on. Luna Park is open year round and can be easily accessed by ferry, which stops right in front of its literally smiling door. (Milsons Point Wharf)

Note: avoid going on school holidays as it tends to get extremely overcrowded. 

Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park Sydney Luna Park Sydney

 For more information and opening hours visit www.lunaparksydney.com

2. Sydney Opera House

Perhaps the most symbolic to Sydney is the Opera House. Surprising for some is that, even though it looks like one gigantic building from a distance, the Sydney Opera House actually consists out of 7 individual venues. Each and everyone with their own iconic white roof built up out of over 1 million tiles. The Opera House still hosts over 40 shows a week and no, these aren’t only opera shows. Shows vary from cabaret to theater and dance; basically, anything that concerns performing arts so that visitors of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy a visit to the striking UNESCO world heritage site.

TIP:  Have a drink at the Opera Bar whilst visiting the Opera house. This beer garden is situated right at the waters edge and offers a phenomal view of the harbour.


Visit www.sydneyoperahouse.com for more information and to discover the prices of a show to your liking.

3. Chinese Garden of Friendship

An oasis amidst the busy city center; the Chinese gardens of Sydney. This calming sight is open to the public for an entrance fee of 6 AUD (€3.7/$4.2 ). It takes roughly 30 minutes to an hour to make your way through the park

Chinese gardens of friendship Sydney Chinese gardens of friendship Sydney

For more information visit www.darlingharbour.com

4. Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney’s Harbour Bridge was originally build to make the Northern half of Sydney more accessible and has been in use for nearly a century now. The bridge is 1.149m long and 49m wide, allowing cars as well as pedestrians to cross the sea. For an exceptional walk in which you can spot several city highlights from above, access the bridge on Cumberland Stree in Circular Quay,  and make your way over to the Northern end. The walk is particularly good during sunset and sunrise!

Sydney Harbour Bridge bonus activity:

Feeling a bit more adventurous than crossing the bridge by foot? It is also possible to actually climb the steel arch bridge, where an organized tour will bring you all the way up to the top. Hearsay has it that this experience, and the views from above, are ones to never-ever forget. As it is a once in a lifetime experience, climbing the bridge does not come cheap. Tour prices start at 168 AUD and run up to 388 AUD.

For more information visit www.bridgeclimb.com

5. Bondi Beach

A visit to the world’s most renowned beach can surely not be left off this list. Surfing, tanning, people watching, take a ton of photos, drinks with a view, outdoor workouts; there is something to do for everyone on this nearly 1 km stretch of sand. For a complete overview, click here to discover the best things to do in and around Bondi Beach.

Bondi Icebergs Pool

6. Darling Harbour

Sydney’s Darling Harbour is without a doubt a leisure and entertainment hub. The long paved path surrounding the harbour is filled with bars, restaurants, and shops that are ready to entertain its visitors. The waterfront location and the skyscrapers set in the background of the area, is what makes Darling Harbour an impressive sight in general. At night, the area comes even more alive, with street performers, happy hours and tourist and locals alike flocking to the area, preparing for a night into town.

7. Go to Manly 

Perhaps one of the most surprising Sydney suburbs is Manly. This idyllic beach set town is located a half hour ferry ride away from Circular Quay, or 15-minutes if you hop on the fast ferry. Manly is a Sydneysiders favorite and many will go to Manly on the weekends, to either get their surf on or just to enjoy a nice meal along the palm-lined boulevard. There is more to Manly than just the long stretch of golden main beach, make sure to explore the area and visit Shelly beach whilst you’re there.

The ferry to Manly leaves every half hour from Circular Quay. The price of a ticket for the regular ferry is roughly 15 AUD per person. The fast ferry is priced at 18.20 AUD. Prepare yourself for some killer views along the way.

Tip: on Sundays, public transport fares are adjusted to a $2.70 travel cap within NSW. Making it by far the best day to explore farther out areas in Sydney, such as Manly.



8. The Rocks 

‘The Rocks’ is the oldest neighborhood in Sydney’s inner city center and can be referred to nothing less than spectacular. Whilst the area is mainly popular with locals for its shopping and dining possibilities, it is the view that makes The Rocks into something truly unique. A walk through these vibrant streets is amusing at any time of day.


*All prices as of 8 January ’18 in US dollars & Euro, converted on xe.com

Healthy Barcelona Hotspot: Flex & Kale

Flex & Kale, located in the inner streets of this large Spanish city, is the first healthy Flexitarian restaurant in Barcelona. With a menu that for 80% consists out of plant-based items, the remaining 20% percent includes oily fish. The best thing is, we had no clue that they had so many vegetarian items on their menu until we looked it up later online. With my date, a true carnivore, that’s  something special.


The restaurant is actually quite large and features several floors,  but nevertheless it feels cozy and has garden-esque vibes throughout. At Flex & Kale they flawlessly combine health with happy taste buds. Just the way we like it. Best place to enjoy your meal is on the second floor. That is where the restaurant features a small light infused rooftop terrace.


Featuring above are the following three menu items:

WHEN GOAT IS GOD |   $12.90 (€ 10,50)
goat cheese and beetroot cold-pressed juice beetball + mixed sprouts + rocket +
beetroot + mango + strawberries + pistachios + maple syrup vinaigrette

FUNGHI COCONUT TOAST | $9.80 (€7,95)
seasonal funghi mix toast + 5 cereals whole grain spelt bread + white wine +
coconut cream + thyme + black truffle

BTT: BEET TUNA TARTAR |    $16.60 (€13,50)
tuna and beetroot tartar + avocado + seeds + sprouts



So enjoy your lunch under their motto “Eat better, be happier, live longer”. And before you leave, make sure to grab some vitamines on the go from the funky cold-pressed juice wall at the entrance.


Flex & Kale is open everyday of the week during the following hours:

  • Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 23:30
  • Saturday and Sunday from 09:30 to 23:30

For our lunch at Flex &. Kale, we paid a total price of $47 (€39). This included three dishes, two coffees and a bottle of water.

For more information on opening hours and menu items click here

* All prices converted on xe.com on 17 February’18 

HOTEL TIP – Marrakesh

Well, hotel, hotel… actually this accommodation is classified as a riad. A term originating from the old days, where a riad was commonly known as a traditional Moroccan house within the centre of it all a garden or courtyard. All within the comfort of the old city walls – therefore, within the medina (old city centre of Marrakesh) you’ll find lots of these Moroccan houses of wonder. Whilst many parts of the old city feel long over do for a renovation, most riads are like stepping in to another world. A world straight from your 1001 fairytale that is. And that especially goes for Riad Palacio De Las Especias.

This is part of your room. I KNOW. AWESOME.

This riad is interior perfection for us, containing future home goal after future home goal. Plants everywhere, hints of bright colors and the turquoise pool. The rooms are spacious, with rose petals on the bed upon arrival- super cheesy but we can’t help but to love the extra effort our hosts made for us.

Bab El-Khemish double room


View from our room

But if that doesn’t sell you. How about the diverse breakfast on offer. Which they will set up on your own private table throughout your stay. Diversifying day by day and just enough to let even the anti-morning persons amongst us leave the breakfast table smiling.


Guests of the riad also have acces to the roof top terrace. If the temperature is right, you can even request even they set up the yummy breakfast featured above under the blue morning sky. Also a great spot to hang and recover from your day of exploring all that Marrakech has on offer.



Want to wake up in Riad Palacio De Las Especias? Check out the the current prices for your desired date and time here.

For our 4-night stay we paid a total price of € 480 / $594 

* All prices as 24  January’18, converted on xe.com