Here is why you’ll want to rent a Scooter in Bali

Yes, traffic in Bali is crazy, there is no arguing that. And while it may seem like an excess necessity to rent a scooter with taxis everywhere -that will take you across the island for just a few dollars- exploring the island on your own truly does contribute to the overall Bali experience. To give you a feel of what we’re talking about, here are 6 reasons why you will want to rent a scooter on your trip to Bali. 

1. There is ALWAYS traffic

Bluebird taxis indeed get you across Bali for as little as some spare change, but when there is traffic, and for some reason there always is, a short distance might turn in to the longest ride of your life. Being stuck for hours at a time is nothing uncommon.  With a scooter, you can do as the locals do, wiggle yourself through the traffic jam and off to enjoy your day you go.

Traffic in Bali

2. Freedom

Go where ever you want to go, whenever you want to go. Make your way to this colorful sunset spot or get up early to discover the best breakfast bowls on the island. All on your own pace, simple as that.

Scooter ride Bali

3. It’s cheap

As cheap as taxis might be, so is driving and renting the scooter. Filling it up is done at one of many gasoline stops alongside the road. Bet you were already wondering what is in those vodka bottles right? Well, it’s gasoline, for one liter expect to pay around IDR 10.000/ US$0.75,-.

Bali petrol

4. No pick-up wait

It is great that the hotels, resorts and even hostels for that matter, are always willing to call you taxis at all times. What is less great, however, is the wait… In Bali there is no such thing as “be there in ten”, it is more like “I am on my way now, might take 2 minutes, might take 20, might take an hour”. Great if you have the patience of an angel, we, unfortunately, do not.

5. Discover hidden spots

While out and about, the chances are you might stumble upon a gorgeous rice field or a cute coffee bar that you would have never noticed otherwise. The hidden spots along the way make renting a scooter well worth the adventure.

Hidden beach Bali

6. Work on your tan 

Do you get a tan while sitting the car? We don’t think so. Enjoy the sun, with the fresh air blowing in your face instead of the air con.

Renting a scooter Bali

Where to rent a scooter in Bali

Scooters are rented throughout the island. Prices will most certainly vary per rental, if you want to avoid unnecessary long price negotiations, the best thing to do is to let the hotel arrange it for you. They can even offer you special deals on many occasions.

Keep in mind that the ‘prettiest’ scooters are also the ones likely to cost you the biggest bucks when and if an accident might occur. Whether it is your fault or not.

What you should pay for a scooter 

A good price for a scooter would around 50.000 IDR (€3.10 / $3.50) per day. The common rule that usually applies is, the longer you decide to rent one, the cheaper it will become. We paid roughly 35.000 Rupiah per day, which is equal to US$2.60. We’ve heard cheaper and we’ve heard more expensive, but it is safe to say that these amounts are common ground.

*All prices as of 7 January 2018 at

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