Mexican in the City – NYC

Murals, string lights and good vibes; transport yourselves to the cozy back alleys of colorful Mexico at Tacombi Bleecker. Inspired by the original taquerias, Tacombi Bleecker is affordable, fun and delicious. In the mood for some quality Mexican food in New York City? Look no further, Tacombi Bleecker rarely disappoints.

Tacombi Bleecker

Tacombi started out in Mexico, in 2005, as a street food vendor, selling loads of tacos on the popular beaches of Playa del Carmen. Since then, Tacombi has come a long way. They moved up to New York and now own six restaurants throughout the city. In this article, we highlight our favorite due to its bright interior and flavourful cuisine; Tacombi on Bleecker Street.

Mexican bar

Avocado tostada


Tostadas, tacos, campechanos, and quesadillas; whatever Mexican street food you could possibly crave from a taqueria, Tacombi Bleecker got it. Don’t forget to order the avocado tostada. A little spicy, but one of the best items on the menu. Picky eater or already want to start looking for your favorite dish? Here is the full menu to take a peek at. 

IMG_6879-2IMG_6881-2Taco Tacombi Bleecker

Costs of dinner at Tacombi Bleecker

As the amount of tacos people consume largely varies, we decided to give out the average costs of individual items on the menu instead of a dinner total.

Entradas: $3.95 |€3.50  (Tuna tostada is an exception at $8.95)
Tacos: $3.95  | €3.50
Campechanos: $6.95 | €6.15
Quesadillas: $6.95 | €6.15

We told you it was affordable.


Tacombi Bleecker street

Additional information

Opening hours

Sunday-Wednesday: 11am – 11pm
Thursday-Saturday 11am-midnight.
Open every day throughout the year except Christmas day


Due to its success, the Tacombi family has extended and they now own a total of six restaurants throughout the city.  Yet as mentioned, the one on Bleecker Street, in generally popular Greenwich village, remains our favorite and can be found here:

Address: 255 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10014

 All prices as of 17 February 2019, in US dollars & Euro, converted on If prices divert at the moment of visiting, this depends on the currency exchange.  


That Manhattan is no longer the only ‘place-to-be’ has been clear for quite some time now. With a large variety of districts – that each have their own characteristics- Brooklyn’s got it. And, whilst other popular area’s such as Williamsburg and Dumbo might be located closer to the bridge, Bushwick, a little bit farther out, ain’t bad at all. Especially, if you come across an accommodation like this.

The Funky Loft

A 30-minute subway ride away from New York City’s bubbling core, lies the extravagant Funky Loft.  With a variety of lush plants, a swing in the living room, kitschy 1970’s themed bathroom, vintage furniture and props throughout; this place truly is an artists dream. The Funky Loft was named “the coolest Airbnb in Brooklyn’ in 2017 by Time Out Magazine. Well, there is no arguing that.


With its quirky interior and something eye-catching on every inch of the appartment, it’s no wonder the property is regularly rented out for photoshoots. The Funky Loft features 3 rooms that are individually themed and are fully decorated to complement that theme. New York City is famous for ever fluctuating weather but they’ve got you covered with an A/C for the hot days and heaters for the colder ones.  The doors of the accommodation are wooden barn doors, and slide from side to side. Which are super cool but do not completely close, so hopefully you’ll have mindful neighbors.


The owners are friendly and, above all, experienced in renting out their accommodation. They know how to anticipate on anything you might need and have tons of tips to make the best of your stay.  As, an original bed and breakfast be-tamed, breakfast is set up for you to use at 07:00 and remains available until 11:00.



However, as superb as this place might be, do keep in mind that the owners actually live at the property. Therefore, they’ve set silent hours, from 10pm until 10am. Not to say that you’re unable to go out or anything like that, you’re more than welcome to step in at any time of the night, just keep down the noise. Small price to pay for such a lovely apartment. Staying longer or having a romantic weekend getaway? Than maybe this place is best combined with a night in a hotel in Manhattan.


Total costs for staying at the Funky Loft in Brooklyn?

For our 3-night stay, during a particularly cold March, we paid a total of $345 (280 EUR) which is a bargain in NYC.

Keen on spending the night in this incredible accommodation? Find out what it is going to cost you on your desired date and time by clicking here.

*All prices as of 31 March’18 in US dollars and EUR, converted on