4x Where to eat in Koh Chang

While large in size, Koh Chang, a Thai Island just offshore Trat, is lesser known than its siblings – like Koh Samui, Phuket, and Krabi- in the Southern end of the country. The island used to be referred to as one of the few ‘unspoiled islands’ remaining, but times are changing and Koh Chang is becoming increasingly popular due to its relaxed atmosphere and fine nature. Is a visit to Koh Chang also on your agenda? Make to sure to visit our top restaurant picks on the island:

1.El Greco

Souvlaki, gyros, and tzatziki – yes, you’ve guessed it. The first restaurant on our list is a Greek. And a really good one. El Greco is run by a friendly Greek family and can be found on the Bang Bao pier. The restaurants boast a view over the sea as good as the quality of the food and the ambiance of the restaurant itself. Expect to pay roughly 180 baht (€4.92/$5.59) for a greek main course such as souvlaki or gyros.



This lovely lady has a fruit shake shack just outside of the Bang Bao pier and has some great smoothies that can be taken on the go.

Smoothie Koh Chang

2. Cocomango

Smoothie bowls are never a bad idea, especially not on a tropical island like Koh Chang. Hop on in at Coco Mango and get yourself some of their swirled goodness, like the Aloha Delight’ bowl (which is extremely good). In addition to smoothie bowls, they also offer a large variety of other healthy dining options, including vegan spring rolls fried in coconut oil. Even though Coco Mango’s interior is very nice, the place is small and doesn’t invite to hang around for long.

Smoothie bowls are priced at 160 baht (€4,30 /$4,90)

Coco Mango Koh Chang

3. Lisca Beach

For a romantic dinner on the beach, head down to Lisca Beach. This tiny beach orientated restaurant serves food from both the Thai and the Italian cuisine. As can be expected with an Italian owner, it is especially the Italian food here that is sublime. This especially goes for the pizzas, which are without a doubt the best on the island. Due to its waterfront setting, Lisca Beach boasts tranquil vibes throughout the day and also happens to be a pretty good spot to watch an epic sunset.

The price for a pizza at Lisca Beach starts at 220 baht (€6/$6,80). The strawberry margarita, a must try, is priced at 200 baht (€5.4/$6.2)

Lisca Beach Koh Chang


4. Cafe del Sunshine

Didn’t think we would leave some genuine Thai food of this list now did you? The Sunshine Cafe is a rock-themed bar and the most budget-friendly option on here. It is a great place to hang out with friends due to its relaxed atmosphere, the pool table and the fact that the cafe is located directly next to several bars and other nightlife facilities. Expect to pay roughly 60 baht (€1.64 /$1.86) for a main course per person.


If you’re keen on finding good fish restaurants, make your way down to the Bang Bao pier where tons of restaurants are aligned next to each other, all serving fresh seafood.

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All prices converted on xe.com as of 2 January 2019, in US Dollar and EURO.

Lisca Beach
Sunset view from Lisca Beach