BREAKFAST HEAVEN: 5 restaurants in Amsterdam you don’t want to miss out on

Where to find the best breakfast spots in Amsterdam

In order to explore the many tourist attractions in Amsterdam, you’ll need to have your body fueled up. So it is better not to skip the alleged, most important meal of the day. And, if you’re doing it anyway, you better do it right. At one of the following breakfast spots in Amsterdam:

1. Corner Bakery

More is more – must be the mantra that Corner Bakery operates under. This bakery, located on the corner of the Johannes Vermeerstraat, achieved quite the Instagram fame with their extravagant menu. Becoming highly popular amongst tourists, as well as the locals. So popular even that they’ve recently opened a second location to serve their yummy goodness. If you’re keen on a visit to the original location, best to do so during office hours as it tends to get crowded on the weekends.

Corner Bakery Amsterdam
Bali Bowl €9.95 – French Toast €9.95
Donut shakes Corner Bakery Amsterdam
© Cornerbakeryamsterdam

For lunch, at Corner Bakery we paid a total price of €41.45 / $51.5. Which included Eggs on toast, French toast, Bali Bowl and four cappuccinos. 11.60


Pancakes, pancakes, and more pancakes. YES, please. Whether it’s sweet, savory or sweet AND savory, they know how to whip up some tasty combinations at MOOK. These richly decorated pancakes, combined with one of their many freshly pressed juices, will have you, and your tummy, walk out the door fully satisfied.


Pancakes at Mook Pancakes
The Blue Magic Deluxe – €11.50 / $14.3
Pancakes Amsterdam
The Soul Flower – €11 / $13.7

For lunch, at MOOK we paid a total price of €36.50 / $ 45.6. Which included our pancakes, two coffees, and two fresh juices.

For more information on other menu items and prices visit

3. The Breakfast Club

What better place to have breakfast than at the Breakfast Club. Whether you’re in the mood for a breakfast burger -yes, apparently that’s a thing- or some eggs benedict. This place is such a success they have opened several locations across Amsterdam; east, south, and west. So wherever you’re located or planning to spend your day, a tasty breakfast is right around the corner.

Coffee The Breakfast Club AmsterdamThe Breakfast Club Amsterdam

For lunch, at The Breakfast Club, we paid a total price of €37.2 / $46.1 Which included the Breakfast Burger, Eggs Seaside, a juice and four cappuccinos.

4. Koala Republic

Playfully basic – is what comes to mind when describing Koala Republic. This naturally decorated lunch cafe is located ten minutes from the, at times hectic, inner city center, and therefore a great spot to bring your laptop and get some work done. Their menu is a feast for every day of the week and has a strong focus on serving guests good-food-that-is-good-for-you.

Koala Republic Amsterdam
Dragon Bowl 8 – Coconut pancakes 7.50
Koala Republic Amsterdam
YES, you can actually sit here. Unless you’re clumsy, like me.

For our lunch, at Koala Republic we paid a total price of €36.50 / $45.4 Which included Coconut Pancakes, Dragon Bowl, Coconut water, Juice, and two cappuccinos.

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