Discover the best beaches on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava, in northeastern Spain, is one of the best known coastal areas in the world. With a diverse range of easily accessible and scenic beaches, there is no questioning its popularity. Some of them surprisingly non-touristy whilst others attract them by the mass. Nevertheless, the following three beaches are guaranteed to be amongst the prettiest to encounter on the miles long coastline:

1. Cala El Golfet

Fifty shades of green and blue make it nearly impossible to determine where to look first when arriving at Playa El Golfet. When making your way down from the parking area, to where the small beach is located, the hints of turquoise get clearer and clearer. The best view you’ll get is from above, so make sure to take it all in before heading along. Cala El Golfet is crowded solely with locals and their children. Which makes you instantly aware that this is something precious. The beach is small and as non-touristy as they come,  you won’t find any bars or restaurants on the beach, or nearby for that matter. So make sure to pack your bag before heading out. Furthermore, the beach is quite rough with small stones instead of sand, so if you’ve got some old water shoes in the back of your closet: this is their moment to shine.

Cala el Golfet look outEl Golfet Costa BravaEl Golfet Costa BravaEntry El Golfet Spain Sea El Golfet Spain

Beach El Golfet Costa Brava

2. Aigua Blava

Aigua Blava, a beach which name literally translates to “Bluewater” in Catalan. Guess that it is these stunning waters that make the beach a local favorite. That, and the bars and restaurants that are located directly at on the beach. All combined making this an excellent spot the spend the day, for friends and families alike. Other services, such as showers, restrooms, and shops are limited but available as well. The bay is surrounded by trees and offers a view of the idyllic town, feeling very Italian-esque. Thanks to the fine sand and the crystal clear waters, Aigua Blava is also a great snorkeling area.

Aigua Blava beach Spain

Aigua Blava beach Spain

IMG_2821 2Aigua Blava beach Spain

3. Tossa de Mar

A lesser known secret, but nevertheless a beach that still belongs on this short list; Tossa de Mar. Where else can you lay down on a beach and admire an ancient city wall, that still stands proudly today. The beach is divided into three separate areas by the boulevard, one more busy than the other but all within walking distance. On the boulevard itself, you’ll find loads of restaurants and bars, all very suitable for a nice lunch or dinner. But, for a cozy restaurant with an incredible view and (incredibly strong) cava sangria, make your way halfway up the city wall. It’s not very steep and/or too much of a climb. Especially not for the views you’ll be getting; definitely worth the effort before heading back on the road again.

Tossa de Mar beach Spain Tossa de Mar beach Spain Tossa de Mar beach SpainTossa de Mar beach Spain

What is the car rental going to cost you?

Renting a car in Spain is generally pretty cheap. Starting for as little as €20($23) a day,  going up depending on how fancy you would like your ride to be. This amount however only covers the basic rental of the car, it is always advised to do a full insurance in case anything happens. Not because of your drivers’ skills, but because you’re in a foreign country with unknown roads and if something does happen; they will charge you to the full extent.

We rented our car at Sixt in Barcelona, which is very decent car rental and, with the insurance included, it cost us €84 euros for the full day. They have a 24 hrs return policy, so no need to rush back on the same day.

Save some more money: always chose to bring back the car with a full tank. They usually promote the “bring the car back empty and we’ll fill it up for you” as the laid-back option. However, they charge at least 3 times as to what it would have cost you to fill it up yourself.

Gas was €30($35) for a full day of driving. Bringing the total costs of our Costa Brava road trip from Barcelona to €114 ($133). All beaches mentioned above are within a few hours from the center of Barcelona, making them very suitable for a combined 1-day road trip.


* All costs as of 29 June’18, displayed in EUROS and US dollars, converted on xe.com 

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