SMOOTHIE BOWLS – Where to find the best in Bali

These fruit packed vitamins bombs, commonly known as breakfast bowls, are quite the phenomenon in Bali. Swirled with tropical fruits and topped off with so-called superfoods, these heavenly bowls are as delicious as they are good for you. Here is where to find the best smoothie bowls in Bali: 

1. Betelnut Cafe

Right within the center of popular surf area Canggu, you’ll find Betelnut Cafe. A tree-house styled cafe which offers bright bowls filled with fresh and healthy ingredients. With the beach within 10-minutes walking distance, the cafe boasts a relaxed surfer vibe, which also happens to be the main customer pool. For the best seats, make your way up to the rooftop. The Betelnut Cafe is opened daily from 11:30 till 22:00 and this Tropics Bowl will cost you $4.43.

Tropics bowl 60K IDR – $4.43

2. The Spicy Coconut

Dragon fruit, papaya, and banana swirled with coconut water and topped off with freshly baked granola. If that doesn’t sound like a delight I don’t know what does. The Dragon Delight bowl at Spicy Coconut was not the first bowl I’ve ever tried, but -because of the overload of tropical fruit flavors which you simply cannot find in the Netherlands- it might very well have been. Cannot get enough toppings? For a surcharge, they’ll let you add as much of each as you’d like, prices ranging from $0.35 to $0.70 cents. Whichever bowl you prefer, costs will be 55K IDR – $4.04

Dragon delight

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 3.Nalu Bowls Shelter Cafe

Offering their bountiful bowls at four different locations in Bali, Nalu bowls has become a household name on the Island. And for a reason.. the large selection of yummy goodness overloaded with tropical fruits is simply a menu that few can resist. I especially like their location, underneath Shelter cafe, which is kind of a beach shack, not on the beach. Sit down on a bar stool and watch your tasty bowl being prepared right in front of you. Or choose to have a comprehensive breakfast within the relaxed atmosphere of the upstairs, covered in green and bamboo, Shelter cafe.

Uluwatu bowl – 65K IDR/$4.79

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4. Sea Circus

Serving thick and creamy textures, Sea Circus in Seminyak is definitely worth the breakfast visit. We’ll leave its colorful and vibrant exterior out of it for now, as that deserves an article on its own. 😉  The açai bowl itself is not one of prettiest bowls you’ll ever see- not that there is anything wrong with its appearance but hey, look at the competition above- flavor-wise, however, it sure is on top of the list. What is this bowl at sea circus going to cost you? Well, 95K IDR so $6.99 to be exact, that also makes it the most expensive bowl on the menu, probably related to the perceived health benefits the açai berry offers.

Açai bowl

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