Hygge Hotel in Brussels: Scandinavian vibes in the city center

Hygge Hotel in Brussels

Hygge –  pronounced “Hoo-ga” – is a concept originating from Denmark and refers to the feeling of coziness and fulfillment by enjoying the simple things in life. Which is exactly what the recently opened Hygge Hotel embodies. Decorated with Scandinavian design throughout, the hotel intertwines modern, minimalistic architecture with a warm touch.



The hotel is conveniently located in the Louise area, right within the city center of Brussels. The area is a very popular district where shopping, business, dining, and bars meet another.


Room lay-out

The rooms of the hotel are styled in cool blues and whites, with hints of wood scattered throughout. The bathrooms are decorated in Delft Blue tiles and most encompasses a spacious bath. All of the above contributes to the creation of a relaxed atmosphere to either get some work done (on the in-room desk) or enjoy a good nights sleep.

©HYGGE Hotel


The breakfast, which will cost you roughly 15 euros if you purchase it on the spot, is varied and satisfactory. The food on offer ranges from freshly baked baguettes,  Scandinavian yogurts to pressed juices. It is served on the ground floor and the carved details in the ceiling allow you to let your eyes wander, whilst enjoying your meal.


What is a night in Hygge Hotel, in the midst of Brussels city center, going to cost you?

So what will a stay at the cozy and centrally located Hygge Hotel cost you? For a 1 night stay, on a weekday, we paid a total of €78/$95.


Rooms starting from €69 ($78)

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* All prices as of 1 March’18, converted on xe.com 

SECRET HOTEL: Le Jardin Secret

Le Jardin Secret

Right within the Centre of Brussels, capital of Belgium lies Le Jardin secret. A, literally, secretive hotel hidden within the walls of another hotel, named Le Berger. The entire hotel is garden themed and can only be accessed via a plant shop. After you’ve located the plant shop in one of Brussels many alleys, you will find the cloaked reception and are ready for check-in. After which, entrance to the hotel will be granted via the back door and you can make your way to your room via the inner garden.

Hotel Le Jardin Secret

Hotel Le Jardin Secret room

Room layout

Before our visit, we never actually realized how uncommon it is to have lots of plants in your room. Total shame because it is absolutely lovely and has a very relaxed and homely vibe to it. Also contributing to those vibes are a view of, yes, the large inner “secret” garden. All of which you can admire from your, very comfortable, window seat.

Hotel Le Jardin Secret Brussels

Hotel Le Jardin Secret Brussels bathroom

Garden Hotel Le Jardin Secret Brussels

As Brussels tends to get quite busy – with either tourism, business conferences or European affairs- prices for hotels can be relatively high at times.  However, for this unique hotel, we only paid EUR 68/$82.81, way below the usual Brussels average. To have the diverse continental breakfast they offer included, the price will go up with EUR 14/$16.81 p.p.p.n.

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For more information on the hotel visit www.jardinsecrethotel.be