Why What Is It Going To Cost you?

When we see those pearly white beaches with palm fringed waters passing through our Instagram feed, we cannot help but wanting to go there. And luckily, as we often prioritize travel before other expenses, we get to go there more often than not. Which is probably the reason why we are always asked: how the hell do you do it.

Through our own experiences whilst planning our trips, we discovered that this common curiosity comes from the fact that the people around us hardly ever – maybe even safe to say never- include the exact costs of their trip. Let alone the famed or influencers amongst us.

Therefore we decided to share our journey across the globe with you, highlighting our favorite spots and activities, including their exact costs. Not to say that we only go on luxurious holidays. Sometimes it’s backpacking; sometimes it’s payday luxury. It’s what we feel like and what our budget allows us. But hopefully it will allow you to find ways to get the most of your trip, and who knows, maybe that day of luxury isn’t that far out of reach after all or discover that beauty doesn’t always come in an expensive package.