16 cafes you have to try for lunch in Canggu

Rise and shine. It’s another day in foodie paradise. After eating our bellies full in Canggu for roughly two months -we tried peculiar bars so that you won’t have to- here are a few of our absolute favourites. For breakfast, lunch or brunch.

1. The secret spot

Kick-off your day nice and quiet at the teeny tiny Secret Spot. Hidden next to our nr. 5 on this list, this small vegan café still truly remains a secret. Which is rare in Bali. Great for a coffee away from the crowds or a brekky to start the day off right with.

Instagram: @secretspotbali  | Canggu area: Berawa | Best for: breakfast or lunch

2. Crate Café

Get in line. Crate has become so popular over the last few years that it is busy from morning till evening. Why? We’re guessing the excellent price-quality ratio has something to do with it. Time to line up.

Instagram: @cratecafe| Canggu area: Batu Bolong/Echo beach | best for: breakfast

3. Silk Road

Placing a restaurant on this list just for its interior? Guilty. Silk Road Whole Foods opened in 2018 and is perhaps one of the prettiest cafes in Canggu. Which is, to be honest, quite the achievement. Hop in for a coffee or go for a full out brunch in their courtyard.

www.silkroadwholefoods.com | Canggu area: Berawa| best for: breakfast & lunch



Now for a personal favourite, Nüde. Bircher, pancakes, breakfast burritos. Each and every single item on the menu tastes so damn good at this Berawa Café. Much like Milk & Madu, the breakfast choices here are extensive and all tend to be equally yummy. Great spot for brunch.

Instagram page: @nudeincanggu| Canggu area: Berawa| best for: breakfast, lunch & dinner


5. Peleton

Those living in Bali for a longer period of time, freelancers and influencers that’s you, have all discovered Peleton. And with reason. Peleton is not only a great place to chill but it’s perfect to get some work done in the aircon whilst enjoying their delicious coffee or homemade kombucha. Other favourites are their smoothie bowls for breakfast and buddha bowls for lunch. All-things vegan, you won’t even know the difference. Plantbased goodness, right here.

Instagram: @peletonsupershop| Canggu area: Berawa| best for: breakfast & lunch

6. Betelnut

A staple in Canggu cuisine; Betelnut. As we’re trying to keep up with all the new restaurants popping up in and around Canggu, Betelnut is kicking back and reaping the benefits of its good name. They’ve been offering quality cuisine for years on end, and you can tell. Menu wise, Betelnut rarely misses the mark. Great value for money and good for a visit any time of day! Make sure to grab a seat upstairs.

Instagram: @betelnutcafe| Canggu area: Batu Bolong| best for: breakfast, lunch & dinner

7. The Shady Shack

Another Canggu classic; the Shady Shack. Grab yourself a seat in their playfully decorated garden and take your pick from their extensive (vegetarian) menu. Easier said than done because everything on there is equally delish. And healthy, and colourfull. Need we say more?

Instagram: @theshadyshack| Canggu area: Batu Bolong/Echo beach | best for: breakfast & lunch


8. Gypsy Kitchen + Bar

Bohemian vibes and quality cuisine, that’s what Gypsy Kitchen + Bar stands for. This restaurant lies on the border of Batu Bolong and Echo Beach and is a safe bet for a nice lunch. Can’t choose what to order? They’ve got just the thing. Opt for ‘The Undecided’. One avo toast, one baba toast. Life just got a little easier.

Instagram: @gypsy_bali| Canggu area: Batu Bolong/Echo beach | best for: breakfast & lunch


9. Matcha

Any matcha lovers out there? Then a quick stop at the tiny Matcha cafe cannot be left off the itinerary. Try their skinny matcha lattes or go full out and dig in on some matcha pancakes.

www.matchacafebali.com| Canggu area: Berawa | best for: breakfast or an afternoon snack stop


10. Two trees

Pretty in green and yellow: Two trees Eatery. Runner up for Silk Road for the prettiest cafe in Berawa, Canggu. This open space lights up by nightfall, which results in a cosy candlelight-esque atmosphere. With, of course, food that’s not inferior to the interior. Give their Nachos or stunning Green Bowl a go whilst you’re there!

www.twotreeseatery.com| Canggu area: Berawa | best for: lunch or dinner


11. Ruko

Planning to get your surf on today? Conveniently located on the way to the beach is Ruko. Plant yourself on the small street-facing terrace and watch others make their way to the beach while you enjoy a sweet bircher and golden chai. Don’t forget to order at the bar, or that meal is going to be a long wait.

www.rukocafe.com | Canggu area: Berawa | best for: breakfast & lunch

12. Quince

Perhaps the smallest amongst the restaurants on this list is quince cafe. Unlike most restaurants in Bali (which are open AM-PM), Quince only briefly opens for lunch and then closes its door again. With limited seating available, be there or be square.

Instagram: @Quince_bali| Canggu area: Berawa | best for: lunch

13. Motion cafe

Fitness freak? Head on down to Motion Café. This sports bar focusses on whipping up healthy meals, full of protein and other nutrients. Having one of their protein waffles is like eating a piece of heaven. Jup. That good.

www.motionfitnessbali.com| Canggu area: Batu Bolong | best for: breakfast, lunch & dinner

IMG_5523 2.jpg

14. Milk & Madu

Due to its sheer size, Milk & Madu is not the cosiest place in Canggu, but nevertheless a favourite of many. With excellent and speedy service, Milk & Madu is jam-packed for brunch and dinner on the daily. Must try: their signature avo toast with poached eggs and caramelized onions ‘The Madu’. Like flipping a coin in the Trevi fountain; this guarantees an island return.

www.milkandmadu.com| Canggu area: Berawa| best for: breakfast, lunch & dinner | 2 for 1 pizza’s on Tuesday and Sunday


15. Duatiga

Duatiga; coffee place, cap re-seller, clothing printshop and restaurant. Normally that would instantly cause anxiety amongst foodies, but there is nothing to worry about here. The food is good. With a Vietnamese and Thai inspired kitchen, your menu options here are diverse. Lunch with one of their charcoal smoothie bowls or, do as the Balinese do, with a good old fashioned noodle. Big delicious lunch or brekky guaranteed.

Instagram: @duatiga.cafe | Canggu area: Berawa | best for: breakfast, lunch & dinner


16. Bahn Mi & Beans

Want to head down to the beach as quick as you can? Skip the seat and take a sandwich, fresh spring roll or bowl at the go at Bahn Mi. This small Vietnamese shop, hidden next to the Jet Black Ginger hair-salon, has some delicious menu options that are great on the go.

www.banhmiandbeans.com | Canggu area: Berawa | best for: lunch on the go



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