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9x IBIZA FAVORITES: Restaurants, Bars & Beaches

Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the finest island of them all? While we wait for an answer, we’ll go ahead and try to fill in the blanks: Ibiza. It’s bizarre that a tiny island, with less than 132,637 inhabitants, has so many different aspects to offer. Fine dining and ultimate tranquility, on one hand, parties where you can dance until dawn on the other. Not to forget the abundance of sangria and authentic Spanish culture at the center of it all, gluing the whole island together. Whilst discovering your own route through the island is half the fun, we’ll give away 9 of our favorite restaurants, bars, and beaches for a small nudge in the right direction.

Visiting Ibiza in July or August? Make sure to place reservations in advance to avoid disappointment. Whether it is for beach clubs, sun beds, lunch or dinner seats.

1.Little Ibiza

The perfect place to start your day, whether it’s with breakfast or brunch, is at Little Ibiza.  Their colorful terrace, filled with the classic tasseled parasols, overlooks the sea and Figuerates boulevard – not bad for a morning coffee. The items on the menu are  all decently priced with fruity smoothie bowls going for €10 ($11.6) and cocktails for around €7 ($8.2). In the mood for something oriental or Asian inspired later in the day? Then Little Ibiza is worth a visit as well.

Restaurant Little IbizaRestaurant Little IbizaRestaurant Little Ibiza

2. La Oliva

Set within the romantic and characteristic old town of Ibiza lies La Oliva. The restaurant features a Mediterranean menu infused with hints of Asian cuisine (yes, please). Pulpo fan or curious to try it out? This is the place to give it a go. The vast majority of tables at La Oliva are set outside, in an angled picturesque street nearby the bustling Dalt Vila square. All in all: the perfect old town dinning experience.

For more information visit

Restaurant La Oliva Ibiza

3. Aiyanna

The brand new sister of Amante, (our lucky no. 7 on this list) is Aiyanna Ibiza. Located on the north side of the Cala Nova bay, the beachfront restaurant features a panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea. The interior is very Ibiza alike, boho chic, with a focus on wood, white, and pops of colors throughout. Their healthy menu is large and varied, with a focus on organic ingredients that come straight from the garden, right to your table. Like what you may ask? Think sharing plates with all sorts of Mezze; avocado and pea guacamole, hummus, muhammara, feta cheese with olives and vegetable crudites for € 19,50.

For more information visit

4. La Paloma

A treasure to be found in the middle of the island, in a small village named San Lorenzo: La Paloma. The small family-owned restaurant is set between the orange trees and therefore boasts a romantic atmosphere throughout. Simplistic, yet incredibly charming. Their menu can be found on chalkboards, scattered throughout the restaurant and hanging from trees. All featuring tons of yummy dishes, with organic ingredients and seasonal daily specials. The restaurant specialty is a homemade focaccia, stuffed with all sorts of goodness.

The total price of an extensive lunch: €42,70 ($49.9)  For more information visit

Restaurant La PalomaLunch Restaurant La Paloma

Restaurant La Paloma Ibiza

5. Ohana Ibiza

Poké bowls at the beach – anytime! At the Playa d’en Bossa boulevard, you’ll find the new Poké bar Ohana. Choose between the salmon, tuna or vegetarian option; all topped off with delicious ingredients such as avocado, seaweed, edamame and so on.. you know the pokebowl drill. And, all for a very decent price – the salmon bowl will set you back €14 euro. Not in the mood for some poke lovin’? Then there are plenty of other options on the menu to chose from.

Poke bowls Ohona Ibiza

6. Cotton beach club

Along the western coastline, overlooking one of the prettiest beaches in Ibiza is the all-white Cotton Beach Club. It is in total contrast with the 50 shades of blue coming in from the beach set below (hint: no. 9 on this list) and therefore couldn’t look better. The menu on offer has influences from all over the world, think Japanese premium sushi rolls (>€23) and Thai curries (€25) but also Mexican chicken tacos (€25) or Segovia suckling pig (€36). Aside from being an excellent spot to enjoy lunch or dinner, Cotton Beach Club is a great place to sip wine in the late afternoon and watch the sunset whilst listening to some live Ibiza tunes. View, check. Vibes, check. Food, check.

For more information visit

Cotton Beach Ibiza

7. Amante

Set on a cliff overlooking the turquoise waters of Sol Den Serra bay, lies a stunning beach restaurant named Amante. Offering a view like no other, this restaurant serves modern food from the Spanish and Italian cuisine. Need to lay down for a bit after lunch? Well, you can. Amante has an amazing lounge area, where you can rent a sunbed for €30,-. The sunbeds, however, are limited and in high demand. So if you’re keen on spending your entire day here after seeing the photos (we get it), make sure to reserve the sunbed weeks in advance. Fully booked? An alternative is to work with their waiting list – all reserved beds (no show) are released at 13:00

For more information visit www.amanteibiza.comRestaurant Amante Ibiza

Sunbeds Amante Ibiza

Amante beach club IbizaAmante beach club Ibiza

8. La Scala

The restaurants in Ibiza old town are charming, to say the least. But restaurant La Scala takes it up a notch, with an incredibly romantic outdoor terrace. The street faced terrace is covered in all sorts of greens, lights, and flowers; creating a wonderful atmosphere.  Needless to say, you’ll want to book a table outside. The waiters are chatty and charming, offering complimentary cava to start your evening with and fresh fruit to end it. For a 3-course dinner, with a bottle of wine and water, a total was paid of €105,90 ($122,6).

9. Cala Tarida

Last but not least. Our favorite beach in Ibiza for an afternoon dip: Cala Tarida. The water here is super clear and mostly free of rocks and seaweed. Not to mention the awe-inspiring tones of blue overlaying each other. But, (yep, sorry there is a but) we’re not the only ones that feel thay way. It tends to get extremely crowded with locals and tourists alike in high season. Want to find a somewhat more secluded area? You can actally climb down the parking lot for a tiny, private-esque type of beach. Where it will just be you and everyone else that risked the climb.

Cala Tarida Ibiza

Cala Tarida IbizaCala Tarida Ibiza

Cala Tarida Ibiza

All prices as of August 2018, in US Dollars and EURO, converted on 

Your favorite spot on Ibiza not on here? Let us know in the comment section! We’d love to pay a visit.

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