Hotel Pendini lounge


HOTEL TIP Florence – Hotel Pendini

Where classical music plays on vinyl,  the rooms are decorated with floral wallpaper and the furniture is antique. Hotel Pendini, a stone’s throw away from all the major sightseeing spots in Florence, is an ideal base for any tourist visiting Florence. The hotel first opened its doors is 1897, as the upscale Pensione Pendini, and has been run by the family ever since. Nowadays, the hotel is still by many perceived as city history, setting high standards to uphold the class it once opened with.

Already there and hungry?

Hotel Pendini lounge

Central location

Popular landmarks such as the cathedral of Florence, Basilica of Sante Croce, Piazza della Signoria, Uffizi Gallery and the renowned Ponte Vecchio bridge are all within a short walking distance of the hotel. And, as to expect from such a central location, so are all the restaurants, shops and gelato you could possibly wish for. Or, after a long day of visiting the historic sights, chill out in hotel Pendini’s very own authentic Italian lounge,  decorated with hints of gold and vintage furniture throughout. 

Lobby Hotel Pendini


Fun fact: the location of hotel Pendini is now perceived as one of the best areas to stay in Florence,  with neighbors such as  Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Cartier. BUT, back in the day, this particular neighborhood was known as the ghetto of the city and the square it is situated on was just a local market. Then, late in the 1800’s, Italy decided to clean up Florence and, in an effort to imitate some of Paris’ elegance and fine historical buildings, built the grand arch that is featured in the photo above. When the work on the arch was completed, a very rich lady which happened to be part of the Pendini family decided to start a residence for travelers in the attached building. The grand arch still proudly bears the Pendini name today.


Room interior

Usually, we like our hotel rooms to be styled somewhat modern, but this -the vintage cellphone, golden beds, velvet curtains, and bright floral wallpapers – somehow just all work. All rooms of the hotel are featured with air-conditioning, television, and free wifi. Furthermore, the room above in specific had a lounge, desk, and closet which aren’t showing in the photo. The same goes for the bathroom, which might look small but is in reality rather large.

Bathroom hotel Pendini

Breakfast at the hotel is served every morning from 07:00-10:00, with some good complimentary Italian coffee brought to you by the attentive staff members.

What is a night at Hotel Pendini in Florence going to cost you?

For our 4-night trip (Thursday till Monday) we paid a total of  $637.36 (€ 527,40) with breakfast included. With high review scores, such as the 9.1 on, the hotel is incredibly popular and always sells out early. Being on time is therefore highly recommended, also budget wise as it tends to get more expensive as you wait. Curious to whether it is still available and what it might cost on your desired date? Click here to check out the prices.


Rooms prices starting from €95 ($108)

More information

Have you ever visited Florence? We’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂 ↓

* All prices as of 30 April ’18, in US dollar and EURO, converted on 

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