5x the best Rooftop bars and restaurants in Marrakech

Ah, the rooftop bars in Marrakech. The ultimate way to escape an ever chaotic Medina, which -don’t get us wrong- definitely has its charms. It is however not quite suited for those who are looking for a moment of tranquility and relaxation. Luckily Marrakech offers a way out, even if it’s just for a moment. When stepping into the following 5 cafes and restaurants, where the hectic is left behind and one can take in all the colorful beauty that this diverse old city has on offer – from above.

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Nomad, this trendy decorated restaurant is located right in the center of the Medina. The atmosphere is fascinating and with three floors -two of which are outdoors- you will be able to view the old city from above from many different angles. During nighttime, the lit lanterns and light beamed edges of the rooftop create a romantic atmosphere under the open sky. Nomad is incredibly popular so reservations come in handy, especially during high season.

An extensive three-course dinner, including four sodas and coffees, will set you back 588 Moroccan Dirham, which equals 61.12 US Dollar.

Nomad Marrakesh upper floor

Nomad Marrakesh
Total costs for a three-course dinner for two- 588 Moroccan Dirham, 61.12 US Dollar

For more information on menu items and prices click here 

2. Atay Cafe Food

Cafe Atay is a multi-level little gem that offers the ideal combination of good food and a good view. The seating areas get smaller the further up you wish to go, so being there early ain’t a bad idea if you want to be guaranteed of a good spot to start gazing at the city and of course – the biggest eye-catcher of all – the mosque.

For lunch with a view – which consisted of a tajine, omelet, two coffee, juice and tea- we paid roughly 200 Moroccan Dirham, which equals 21.13 US dollar.

Cafe Atay rooftop terrace

Cafe Atay rooftop terrace
Orange cinnamon juice 25 Moroccan Dirham- 2.64 US dollar | Mint tea 15 MAD- 1.51 US dollar

3. Café Des Épices

Café Des Épices, located just minutes away from its sister Nomad, offers equally beautiful views of a colorful square. An open space that immediately feels like a relieve when making your way to the vibrant, but narrow, streets of the souk. This lovely place has more of a casual vibe to it, making it perfect for daytime meals or some Moroccan whiskey. (Read: tea)

Total costs of our lunch came down to 202 Moroccan Dirham, equaling 21.34 US dollar. And it was a LOT. Next, to the meals, it included a juice, two coffees, and a large soda.

Café Des Épices dinner
Lamb Taijne 7.39 US dollar – Chicken sandwich 5.28 US dollar

Café Des Épices Marrakesh

Café Des Épices Marrakesh market view
Colorful views

For more information on menu items and prices click here

4.  Souk cafe

The bright and playful rooftop bar of Souk cafe was such a pleasant surprise. We actually ended up here by accident, as normally we carefully look for places we want to eat way before. But this time, after hours of strolling through the Medina, we needed some energy ASAP, and then there appeared Souk cafe. Where we honestly ate the best Taijne we had throughout our stay! The beef tajine, topped off with apricot was finger licking good, and the terrace itself was lovely during the day. Don’t expect spectacular views of the Medina, but the food alone is reason enough to stop by.

Total costs for our meal -consisting out of two tajines, two juices, two sodas, and coffees- was roughly 340 MAD/35.92 US dollar.

Souk Cafe rooftop terrace

Souk Cafe in Marrakesh

5. Le Jardin

Soaked in emerald green, Le Jardin is a sight for sore eyes.  The restaurant features a combination of Moroccan and European chic interior and is garden themed throughout. The relaxed atmosphere alone is why Le Jardin should be on top of your to-do list, either by day or by night. However, for the more romantic ‘dinner-in-the-garden-by-candle-light’ idea, nighttime is definitely advised.

For dinner at this lush green restaurant, we paid 529.20 Moroccan Dirham, which is 55.91 US dollar. We, again, ordered extensively and this included a two-course dinner, four sodas, coffee, and a juice.

Le Jardin in Marrakesh Morocco

Le Jardin in Marrakesh Morocco

Green restaurant Le Jardin in Marrakesh Morocco
Ground floor

For more information on menu items and prices click here

All prices as of 11’December 2017, converted on xe.com 

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